Triumph Scrambler Brake Pads - EBC Brakes

Triumph Scrambler Brake Pads - EBC Brakes

EBC Brakes

  • Rs. 2,999

Triumph Scrambler Brake Pads by EBC Brakes


  • FA142HH


  • FA214/2HH
  • FA214/2V 

Manufactured in the US or UK; EBC uses state-of-the-art technology for its brake pad productions.

EBC Brakes makes the following series for different street, race and weather conditions; be it dry or wet to have a high longevity lasting for many miles.

All pads are ECE R90 approved approved and TÜV tested

Here are some of the series made by EBC

Organic Series:- OEM Replacement

Organic are OE quality replacement motorcycle brake pads that are manufactured in the UK using high technology ECO friendly brake pad compounds that deliver fingertip stopping power.

  • Superior street bike brake pad
  • Softer feel and economical
  • Benefit from low disc abrasion and dust

Guaranteed zero chance of brake pad de-bonding with corrosion or extended use. These brake pads are not for track or race use.


Semi-sintered™ “V-Pads™” - Touring Pads

Semi-Sintered V-Pads™ are a new blended Semi-Sintered brake pad that combine the highest qualities of an organic brake pad with the endurance of a sintered equivalent brake pad. The Vee brake pad range are designed for the heavy cruiser/streetbike market as a replacement brake pad.

Features and benefits of these brake pads:

  • Heavy street bike cruiser brake pad
  • Give similar softness and economy as Organic with better braking ability and longevity!


Fully Sintered “Double-H™”:- Superbike Brake Pads

EBC Double-H™ Sintered Superbike Brake Pads deliver high performance and are well known as the EBC flagship sintered street sport brake pad. They are ultra high friction HH rated brake pads remain a market leader!

  • Fast superbike or street brake pad
  • Long life and ultra high braking effect ; dry or wet


Please check the part number here for your bike specific model before selecting the links :-

For EPFA Compound:- Fast Street and Track day click here

GPFAX Sintered:- Race Pads click here

EPFA AND GPFAX are top of the line series only available for certain models by EBC!

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