How Preordering works :-

Every month we place orders with the manufacturers and distributors so if the product is not in stock we will get it to you within four weeks. Most times its earlier too!  

  • The timeline depends on when we place an order with the manufacturer/distributor. The closer before you would order to that, the earlier you would get the products! 

  • Once we get it we will ship it the next day of its arrival at our store.

  • You cannot cancel the order once its been placed but we do ensure that you get what you asked for, mostly on time, without the hassles of customs and honouring the rate that you paid for it. 

  • If you missed the window of this month we will order it in the next month cycle but rest assured we are working hard to make sure that your product is delivered to you quickly, correctly and the cheapest possible amount.

All the above information is an outline. Please don't hold us against it.

  • Pre-Orderer products cannot be cancelled! So please call and discuss with us if you would like to make a decision knowing better timelines!

We want to make sure that all of us get the job done in a happy and efficient manner but sometimes uncontrollable things happen and we don't want that there should be something to carry on for a later day. Safe riding !

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