Triumph Number Plate Holder MU009

Hepco & Becker

  • Rs. 750

Triumph Bonneville Number Plate Bracket :

Bonneville number plate as per Indian regulations. Conforms with the Indian rules by the central government and most states as well. Fits behind the rectifier and comes partially in front of the  rectifier. Does not hit the fenders.

This is a hand fabricated product made from stainless steel 304. Once you have installed in on your motorcycle you can adjust it the way you want by applying a little pressure to fit in front of the rectifier the way you like it since everyone has there logic to how much the rectifier should be open to the wind(air). In the standard position is covers roughly about 40% and has about a inch of gap between the rectifier and the plates back. The holes are such that the width of the plate can be adjusted.

Please note that this has been tested on Bonneville and fits perfectly. If for some reason you are unsatisfied we will refund you the money once it reaches back to us ( minus shipping and handling). Since its stainless steel we don’t see any damage in transportation.

We have developed the product keeping in mind the needs of fellow riders with a positive approach to the whole riding experience. However, it has been made by local fabricators and so the workmanship is different for each piece so please excuse if it doesn’t look the same for different pieces but it should fit your bike nonetheless.

We would be happy to address issues if any. Just give us a call. We want you to be safe and enjoy the experience.

Fitting instructions:

  • Please remove the rectifier and place the bracket behind the rectifier with the same screws. Make sure you tighten it well using basic hand force. Don’t overdo it or the threads will get damaged.
  • Place the number plate on on the front side.
  • Adjust the angle as per your need. You can use the slots of the bracket to go up/down or sideways. The gap between the rectifier and the plate can be adjusted us using a little force. Just make sure once person keeps his hands on the rectifier so that it doesn’t do damage.

Fits all years including new T100, Street Twin, T120


  • MU009


  • MU, India

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