SIXS TS2L T-Shirt Long-sleeved Carbon

SIXS TS2L T-Shirt Long-sleeved Carbon


  • Rs. 4,900

Long-sleeve round neck jersey Carbon Underwear

SIXS long-sleeve round neck jersey made of the Carbon Underwear fabric that lets the skin breath and ensures thermoregulation of the body in any weather condition (outdoors or indoors). The long sleeve hugs every part of the arm to keep the skin fresh and lies between the skin and a top garment. It also slightly protects against cool drafts if a short-sleeve top garment is worn.

Advice to the Customer
The weft of the SIXS fabric has been specifically designed for sports use, in high sweat and stress conditions. Whether you are pedaling, riding your motorbike or simply training in your favorite sport, all you have to do is concentrate on doing your best, SIXS takes care of the body thermoregulation.
To ensure a long life to your SIXS products, just follow these simple rules:
1. Due to its technical characteristics, the SIXS fabric tends to soften when it is in contact with the body. This is not a defect, in fact it increases comfort: however, pay close attention when you wear it and especially when you take off your Sixs garment after your sports activity. Excessive pressure could alter the textile weave.
2. Treat the products with care, without forcing (especially the zip if present and groin). The fabric will adapt to your body immediately;
3. Respect the washing instructions on the package, or consult our website to wash your SIXS products. Do not use fabric softener; our fabric already has antibacterial properties, no aggressive additives are needed. Do not use the tumble dryer and carefully spread wet garments: they will dry for a new sports session in no time!
All our products are checked carefully before canning. SIXS is not liable for damage caused by failure to follow above points.


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