Cyclops LED H4 7000 Lumans


  • Rs. 6,990

 Cyclops LED H4 7000 Lumans

    LED H4 Headlight Bulb  (DC Voltage Only)


    The best LED H4 headlight bulb on the market. Packs a 3800 Lumen punch using CREE XML2 emitters in a small housing that incorporates its own cooling fan. Vibration proof and water resistant, perfect for motorcycle and automobile applications.

    Manufacturer : Cyclops adventurer USA

    - New Shield for the best low beam cutoff on the market.
    - Brighter / Better Low/High Beam Contrast
    - Lower Kelvin Colour
    - Reduced Size 
    - Smaller, Replaceable Drivers, this means if the bulb is out of warranty and there is an issue, parts are available, the only LED bulb on the market to offer parts.
    - Simplified Installation
    - Enhanced Reliability


    • Life Span: 30,000 hrs.
    • Color Temperature: 5500K.
    • Power Draw: 20 watts on low 40 watts on high.
    • Lumen Rating: 4400 (RAW)
    • Vibration Resistance
    • 3800 Lumen LED H4 headlight bulb with Hi/Low
    • Cree XML2 emitters
    • Fits H4, bases
    • High and Low beam
    • Fan cooled for extreme conditions and long life
    • Vibration proof
    • Water resistant
    • For AC Bikes you need a rectifier costs about 2400/-. Please email us for the same


    • One Year from date of Purchase





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