Bikeratti Raven Riding Denim

Bikeratti Raven Riding Denim


  • Rs. 9,400

Bikeratti Raven Riding Denim

Raven is a pair of sleek, black riding denim which stretches the boundary of a riding pant by a mile. Made of 12oz denim (98% cotton 2%Lycra) and lined with 100% Dupont Kevlar it provides for an excellent shield incase of abrasion against the tarmac. The riding denim comes packed with both Knee (Level 2) and Hip protection in form of D3O T5 Evo which are the best in business. The denim is designed ergonomically with accordion panels on waist and knee to provide you maximum comfort while riding so you can enjoy the ride and focus on the road. Additionally this denim comes with Bikeratti’s proprietary UV Rebound technology which  provides for an effective barrier against the unforgiving UV rays thus keeping you and your garment sun safe. This feature rich denim is made for the Moto geek who wouldn’t compromise on style, comfort or protection.


  • Made of 12oz Denim  (98% cotton 3% Lycra)
  • 100% DuPont Kevlar on Knee and Hip for abrasion protection
  • D3O T5 Evo on Hip and D3O T5 PRO on KNEE for Impact protection
  • Custom made rivet hull and button
  • Accordion Panels on Hips and Knee for extra flexibility and comfort
  • Reflective details for low light visibility 
  • UV rebound tech for protection against harmful UV rays



Bikeratti Raven : Riding Denim MRP 9400

  • Black Color
  • Size 30-36 for men
  • Comes with Level 2 knee and Level 1 hip armour from D3O
  • Comes with UV rebound technology


Bikeratti Raven+ : Riding Denim MRP 9900

  • Black Color
  • Size 38-40 for men
  • Comes with Level 2 knee and Level 1 hip amour from D3O
  • Comes with UV rebound technology




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