Base Mounts 2x Flat & 2x Curved Mounts

Mayflower Infotainment

  • Rs. 200


2x Flat & 2x Curved Mounts with 3M Adhesive Pads

* Attach your ActionCam to curved surfaces with these industrial strength waterproof adhesive mounts.
* Included with two pieces of Curved Adhesive Mounts which ensures that the camera stays stable on a helmet or another curved surface.
* When you need to grab a few more of  Curved Adhesive Mounts are the proper replacements.
* Easy to use, these double-sided adhesive mounts can be applied to almost any curved surface, once finished,it can be removed simply with heat, such as: a hair dryer.
Compatible with ALL  ActionCams

Package includes:
* 2 x Curved Surface Attachment
* 2 x Flat Surface Attachment
* 4 x 3M VHB Double sided adhesive

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