Shima RSX-6 Black Fluorescent Green Riding Boots


  • Rs. 17,499

Shima RSX-6 Black Fluorescent Green Riding Boots


The RSX-6 is a sports ridring model of boots with an ergonomical design which fits the position of the biker. Made of certified microfibre leather with high protection standards (abrasion class). The surface of the tibia is covered by a hard TPU casing, the rear area of the boot is reinforced with a plastic X-shaped element which ends in a rigid heel casing. The metal slider on the side of the boot protects the side and top of the foot together with the stiffener hidden under the leather. The sole of the SafeFoot system is strengthened vertically. A special synthetic grip pad placed on top of it allows you to operate the shift lever more precisely. Perforated leather on the front of the boot allows for light ventilation and air circulation inside the boot.

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