Moto Pressor Presure Tyre Gauge Analog

Moto Pressor Presure Tyre Gauge Analog

Rocky Creek

  • Rs. 1,699

Tire Gauge -  "Moto Pressor" Analog
Tire gauges are ideal for those who have an at home air compressor, or are looking to fill up their tires on the go. Simply attach the clip-on chuck to your tire valve, press the air chuck from the air line onto the other end, and inflate until the desired amount of pressure is in the tire. This unit is meant as a non-permanent option for easy tire inflation.

Save time - this air through tire gauge eliminates the need to switch back and forth between gauge and air compressor hose while inflating tires. 
To read tire pressure clip the EZ-Air tire gauge on to the tire valve stem. Need air? Use a home or gas station air compressor to inflate directly through the gauge by applying the hose to the EZ-Air. Add a little too much air? Bleed button allows for easy pressure adjustment.

No need to switch between the gauge and air compressor hose! Added a little too much air to your tyre? Simply press the air bleed button and adjust to your desired pressure. 

NOTE:  When swapping out the chuck, use plumbers tape on the hose thread.  Wrap the thread, in a clockwise direction with 3 - 5 wraps of plumbers tape.  Screw on the new chuck and tighten.  Failure to follow these instructions will result in air leak!

Motopressor Tyre Gauge comes with a one year limited product warranty.


• Measures PSI or KPA
• 0-60 PSI/0-4.2 KPA read out
• 50mm (2”) analogue dial
• 300mm (12”) Braided flex hose
• Push button air bleed valve
• Protective rubber gauge guard
• Self-locking  air chuck PLUS A SECOND 45° chuck for those hard to get to, valves
• Can be used inline with a compressor  
  1. EZ02
  • 1.00 LBS

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