Maxima Syn Chain Guard Small

Maxima Syn Chain Guard Small


  • Rs. 549


MAXIMA CHAIN GUARD is an advanced chain lubricant specifically formulated for today’s off-road and on-road, high performance motorcycle chains. It is compounded with the finest synthetic lubricating bases and reinforced with the most advanced anti-wear and extreme pressure additives available. It also contains special additives to prevent “fling-off” and protect against rust & corrosion. Chain Guard is o-ring safe and makes an excellent lubricant for all motorcycle control cables.

  • Extends chain & sprocket life
  • Will not fling-off
  • Excellent rust & corrosion protection
  • Safe on all chains including O, X and Z-ring
  • Excellent cable lubricant
  • Clear 

    Spec Sheet


    Maxima Oils, USA

    • 220 gms 77908
    • 513 gms 77920
    • Chain Lube  + Chain Clean + Multi Purpose Lube  70-779203


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