AGV K3 Modular Seattle Matt/Red/Black/Silver-Helmet

AGV K3 Modular Seattle Matt/Red/Black/Silver-Helmet


  • Rs. 24,499



The world’s first sport modular helmet: the performance of a full face helmet together with the comfort of a modular. Entirely built in Carbon Fibershell and Chin, this specific structure achieves same protection performance of Moto GP’s Pista GP R incredibly in a light weight construction, combing the highest level of safety and comfort. Designed to offer 190 degree horizontal view as the human eye capability.

Shell in 100% Carbon Fiber engineered to guarantee maximum light weight and balance even in open configuration

Chin Guard in 100% Carbon Fiber

Shell shape is designed to minimize the risk of impact energies being channeled to the collar bone 

The metal chin guard opening system is designed to prevent accidental openings

Integrated Ventilation System with large front vents, a chin guard vents and rear extractors hollowed in shell which directs air to the riders head.

Shell shape is designed to maximize aerodynamic performance and to have zero dynamic weight at 130km/h

The adjustable integrated spoiler reduces turbulence and maximizes stability

Patented reversible crown pad features a double face use that allows the rider to select the preferred feel and climate

Warmer Side: With Shalimar fabric for a soft and gentle touch

Cooler Side: With Ritmo fabric for a fluid and fresh fit.

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